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Since 2001, Frank Owens has been involved in the global marketing and sourcing of wood products. Fluent in Japanese, he has lived abroad for eight years in East Asia and the Middle East. He holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of Minnesota, a master's degree in East Asian languages from UCLA, and a doctoral degree in forest resources from Mississippi State University, where he currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sustainable Bioproducts. He teaches courses in wood anatomy and forest products marketing and conducts research on lumber properties, nondestructive testing, and computer vision applications for wood identification. He currently serves on the Council of the International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA) and the Board of Directors of the National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT).


Tinius Olsen Testing Machine
Metriguard 511 Grain Angle Meter
XyloTron Machine Vision Wood ID
Nondestructive Testing

How do statistical distributions of mechanical properties of mill-run lumber populations affect graded lumber populations?

How can lumber producers,  consumers and engineers better use nondestructive testing devices to predict mechanical properties?

Computer Vision

How can we teach computers to more accurately identify wood species using artificial intelligence? 






Wood ID Laboratory

Wood Identification Laboratory




Graduate Students

Ph.D. Student - China

Ben Farber

Ph.D. Student - Wisconsin

Adam Wade

Ph.D. Student - Mississippi


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Dept. of Sustainable Bioproducts

201 Locksley Way

Starkville, MS 39759


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